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Thank you Carolyn, well chaired
friendly and encouraging to speakers
friendly and kept the whole day on track
Thank you, managed the group very well, kept to time, good to chat in the breakout session
Lovely warm welcome
Did a fantastic job as chair keeping everyone on track and on time.
Excellent facilitation of the day
Very interactive - excellent
Thank you for an enjoyable and interactive day.
Well organized conference.

HCUK 2021

competent trainers
sharing knowledge with my colleagues
experiences trainers with lots of knowledge
increased confidence
very good training for community-based nurses
The training was good, interesting and informative
Increased ability to Care for people at end of life
Learning More
Very Useful
symptom control
communication skills
giving feedback
Useful training
Trainers very clear in facilitating the course
Training was great

City University London 2020

Everything was good
Training was good
Useful sharing of  experience
Course content interactive
Sharing experiences
Easily understood
Excellent refresher
More confident in caring for residents with palliative & end of life care needs 
Well done Great course Thank you
Educate my colleagues Thank you
Very well-presented training
Cooperation with colleagues, GPs and palliative care team
What’s best for the patient and their family
Good knowledgeable trainers
Increased confidence in providing end of life care
Can apply the training to practice
Galvanised confidence in my role

City University  219

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